March on Rome - Vehicle Authenticity Guidelines

The location for this event is extremely large and vehicle-friendly. We encourage period, authentic vehicles to attend. There is plenty of room to maneuver, with lots of roads and tracks that are accessible. Event and Federal Bureau of Land Mmanagement rules prohibit ANY off road operation of vehicles. All vehicles will stay strictly on roadways.

Please help us make this event more enjoyable for everyone by only bringing vehicles that are original or built/rebuilt along STRICTLY authentic lines. M38 Jeeps of Korean vintage and VW Type-181 Things are NOT acceptable, to name just two examples. You know if they�re correct or not, so please use your head. If in doubt, contact us and ask before the event. Thank you for your cooperation in making this event memorable and authentic.

  • Acceptable vehicles include, but are not necessarily limited to:

    • CCKW (Allied transport type trucks, etc)
    • K�belwagens
    • Schwimmwagens
    • Kettenkrads
    • Period trucks (Fords, Chevys, Opels, Tatras, etc.)
    • Motorcycles with or without sidecars (Harley, Enfield, BSA, BMW R-71, R-75, Zundapp, etc.)
    • Jeeps are acceptable vehicles for both Allied and Axis units
    • Armored vehicles (tanks, half-tracks, scout cars, armored cars, etc.)
    • Correct civilian vehicles (commandeered French or Italian cars and trucks, staff cars,
    • pushcarts, horse-drawn wagons, etc.

Important Disclaimer! Reenacting is a potentially hazardous hobby. Participation requires crossing rough terrain, in all types of weather, which requires good physical fitness and excludes people with health problems. Participants will be using and in close proximity to, blank firing firearms, simulated explosives, and large vehicles that are potentially dangerous. Unsafe or negligent behaviour will result your in ejection from the event.

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