March on Rome - Event Rules
  • Standing General Orders

    • Common sense is the order of the day.
    • No live ammunition allowed on site during the event.
      • Current LEOs and retired LEOs authorised under HR218 / S1132 (LEOSA) are exempted for an off duty weapon. Follow your departmental regs.
    • If you cannot abide by the rules you will be removed.
      • It is the responsibility of all participants to download, read and abide by the event rules and code of conduct in the MoR Code of Conduct.
      • We expect all participants to follow the rules and act as responsible adults. Individual misconduct affects everyone.
      • Participants must comply with all orders from MoR Staff, MoR MPs/Redcaps/Feldgendarmerie and uniformed members of the NMNG.

  • Class III Address

    • 19 Kit Carson Rd
    • Fort Stanton, NM 88323
    • (575) 354-0341

  • General Event & BLM Rules

    • Minimum age for participation in the event is 16.
    • Participants under 21 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the event and at all times in the field.
    • Leave no Trace camping and disposal protocol will be followed.
    • BLM rules prohibit removal, excavation or destruction of antiquities found on the land.

      If you find an antiquity site or petroglyphs try to mark it on your map for the BLM to find later. Let's be good stewards!

    • No fighting or ambushes in 200 yards of Petroglyph Rock on Rio Bonito.
    • Fort Stanton and BLM land are multiple use areas.

      If you encounter civilian hikers, campers or riders please explain what your are doing, a bit about the event you are participating in and the living history behind it. Remember we are the best ambassadors for our hobby. Let's act as the professionals that we are. If they have questions refer them to the administration building in camp or one of the event organizers.

    • The core area of the camp is a 1944 bubble, no parked POVs, relaxed, mixed or cvilian attire in this area.
    • No live ammunition on site.
    • Police your brass as much as possible please.
    • If you miss the convoy to the battle, you can NOT join the battle in progress.
    • Fighting will halt for the duration of any electrical storm, participants should seek shelter.
    • Water will be located on the main axis of the fight and in every vehicle.
    • First aid, fire extinguishers and medical evacuation is available in/by every vehicle.
    • Current Fire conditions:

      Fire Danger High; smoke and flammable pyrotechnics prohibited.

    • Campfires: No campfires this year.

      Leave No Trace Mounded Fire Instructions

  • * NEW for 2017 * Use of Drones - Rules

    • All Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS/Drones) require approval from MoR Management.
    • All drones must be FAA registered and display the FAA registrations number.
    • All drones over 5lbs will be considered commercial and require an FAA Remote Airman Certificate of the operator.
    • To fly a drone at the public battle you must also be FAA licensed Part 107 as an UAV Pilot.
    • All drone flight operations must be explicitly authorised my MoR management.

  • Emergency Information

    • Call 911 to report fires and all emergencies.
      • use your event maps to locate the area and direct emergency services in.
      • Use your phone GPS for coordinates.
    • Call the operations base 512-913-4978 as well for emergencies and if you become lost.
    • Cell coverage is lower in the valleys, climb up to the top of a ridge for better reception.
    • Minor injuries can be attended by medics in the field or reporting to the administration tent.
    • Watch your step! This is difficult terrain and trips, falls and sprains can happen. There are also poisonous snakes. If you are bitten:
      • Attempt to identify the type of snake
      • Use surface constriction (not a tourniquet!) above the bite to slow the venom uptake
      • Call for evacuation or get to an aid station immediately
    • Potable water is available to all in every vehicle. Gallon water jugs marked with orange tape are located at less than 1/2 mile intervals along each day's route.
    • If you get lost:
      • Day one: Walk to the bottom of the valley and walk then towards the windmill, then follow the road down hill to HWY 220.
      • Day two: Walk down to the river (Rio Bonito), face away from the large mountain (SIerra Blanca) and walk back on the trail to Fort Stanton base camp.
      • Remember you can call the operation building if you need a ride.

  • Weapons

    • No live ammunition privately stored or carried on site.
    • Ammunition for any live fire events is to be turned over to MoR Management during registration.
    • Weapon safety checks:

      All firearms and ammunition must be checked at registration. A sample of ammunition will be collected for each firearm and you will be issued a weapons card for each.

      There will be a safety check at the mandatory formation; the assembly prior to start of the battle. Each participant will be individually checked, both firearms and ammunition. Bring all of your equipment and ammunitions for the days event to assembly, we will leave directly from assembly for the field.If you miss the check you will not participate.

    • No weapon may fire a solid/hard projectile.
    • Class III paperwork is the responsibility of the participant and will be carried with that weapon.
    • No fixed bayonets or exposed blades allowed.

  • Authenticity

    • All participants must have uniforms and equipment suitable for Nationality, Branch of Service, locale and Unit during the period of this action, May-June 1944.
    • All participants must keep their hair, and appearance in correct style and cut to have passed inspection of actual unit, as dictated by regulations.
    • Italian Resistance and partisans will be organized under a resistance commander and require prior approval of MoR Management. All partisans will submit a impression photograph prior to approval.
    • Reenactor authenticity guidelines
    • Vehicle authenticity guidelines

  • Vehicles

    • All tracked and armoured vehicles must either have a walker in view of the driver or may use a standing lookout with a clear view with instant communication to the driver either by standing within reach of or by intercom to the driver. This 'lookout' will be an unarmed crew member (i.e not operating an MG or other weapon) and be a 'non-target'.
    • All vehicles will have all vision covers open during operation.
    • All vehicles will carry potable water available to all participants and a fire extinguisher.
    • No mounting or dismounting of armoured vehicles while the are moving.
    • Vehicles must remain on roads (there are a lot of them).

  • Animals

    • All animals must be on leash at all times (in camp and in battle), horses either ridden or tied.
    • There are equestrian facilities and corral behind our camping area.
    • There is at least one source of equine water in each combat area.
    • If camping outside of the equestrian area you must picket overnight.

Important Disclaimer! Reenacting is a potentially hazardous hobby. Participation requires crossing rough terrain,
in all types of weather, which requires good physical fitness and excludes people with health problems. Participants
will be using and in close proximity to, blank firing firearms, simulated explosives, and large vehicles that are potentially
dangerous. Unsafe or negligent behaviour will result your in ejection from the event.

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