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After the fall of Monte Cassino Alexander finally has enough reinforcements to have
numerical superiority over Kesselring. Since the Gustav line in Italy depended upon
Monte Cassino as its key defensive point once Cassino was overrun the Allies could
drive up Highway 6 to Rome.

Forces landed at Anzio were meant to drive into the Alban Hills cutting the Tenth
Army's lines of communications and force Kesselring to withdraw North of Rome.
They've been penned at Anzio, now they can move.

The British Eighth Army will attack up Highway 6 toward Valmontone, the Fifth Army
attacks out of the Anzio beachhead. The objectives are to drive the Germans back;
smashing through the Hitler line from Terracina to Piedimonte and the Caesar Line
in the Alban Hills. The initial American, French and British attack is a surprise
and makes gains against stiffening resistance.


A hilly ridge crest road makes its way from near the fort through ravines, wooded
areas and gullies. This terrain maps well to the hills along Highway 6 South of Rome.
It is ideal for defensive fighting and allows great tactical flexibility and covered
flanking maneuvering.

German forces will work a fighting retreat along the road using temporary fixed and
ambush positions. Mines and anti armour weapons can be deployed. Allied forces are
free to maneuver in any manner fitting to push the Germans or flank and attack.

Important Disclaimer! Reenacting is a potentially hazardous hobby. Participation requires crossing rough terrain, in all types of weather, which requires good physical fitness and excludes people with health problems. Participants will be using and in close proximity to, blank firing firearms, simulated explosives, and large vehicles that are potentially dangerous. Unsafe or negligent behaviour will result your in ejection from the event.

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