March on Rome - Operation LIBERATOR - St. Tantone
  • Operation LIBERATOR - Liberation of St. Tantone - Saturday Public Battle & Map


      G2 has intelligence provided by local Italian partisans that the Axis force holding the village of St. Tantone, which is composed of a mixed Kampfgruppe of fallschirmjager and regular German army, is to be relieved by a Waffen SS Kampfgruppe. Conflicting reports say all German forces have abandoned the village.

    • MISSION:

      Send a reconnaissance force to determine German presence in the village of Tantone. Determine enemy strength and return to the Allied line with details.




      A map of the operational area obtained from the leader of the local partisans named "Castoro" is attached. There is no guarantee of its accuracy. Members of the local partisan unit are currently in the village and will assist.

    • Printable OPORD is here -> OPORD

  • Strategic Map of Liri River Valley Area

  • Tactical Map of Fort Stanton BLM Land

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