MoR FAQs - Important Information for all Reenactors

  • I spent all this money and took a day off work to come here and first thing I see is a non period car passing on the highway.
    Yes, we hate living in the 21st century too. We tried make it clear to everybody in New Mexico that this was your extra special day, but some people just aren't on Facebook and didn't get the instructions.

  • I shot at a guy from 200 yards with my new sniper rifle and he didn't take his hit!
    Perhaps you only grazed him, did you get an accurate wind speed and correct for Coriolis effect?

  • I do Roman reenacting, the Legio I Italica was in Italy (only a few thousand years before), can my unit participate?
    Sure, but you are bringing a knife to a gunfight. You will probably be shot in camp by the WWII reenactors when they see you.

  • I didn't come to the briefing, but I'm really smart so can I take the field without knowing anything?
    Yes absolutely, we only hold the briefing for those people interested in following the rules and making the event enjoyable for others.

  • There are women here! Why are they here?
    Yes we know its a well known fact there weren't any women on any battlefield in Europe, not even civilians. Since we're pretending it's WWII let's pretend they are men too.

  • My kids are 5 and 11 and are honor grade inmates at the local reformatory, can they come out to the field with me?
    Sure! That's why we made safety rules, so they only apply to other people.

  • I took a candid photo of someone and didn't ask them, can I post it to farbfest to ridicule him?
    Certainly, but only if you never want to come back to MoR again. But you'll probably have a bigger problem with the guy you photographed when we tell him who did it.

  • My unit has photos of 982nd Airborne Ranger Special Forces wearing tigerstripe fatigues in a sushi bar in Da Nang, that proves the unit was there, can you add this impression to the approved list?
    Of course, however we'll need a notarized statement from at least two of the people in the photo. We're glad you don't have a photo of Corporal Klinger.

  • If we drive in off the highway and insert behind your lines can we say we airdropped?
    Certainly, if you arrive in a C47 or a JU52 under a deployed canopy; just watch out for the ground fire while you float down.

  • I do a really good impression of Goering, can I come as a Field Marshall?
    It may be a little awkward for those other ranks in the field, having to salute all the time. Do you have the gold baton too?

  • It's my weekend with the kids and my wife insists I take them. Can I bring them to the event?
    Sure I'm certain the other reenactors will help you change diapers, they will also probably feed them beer

  • We were in a really big firefight and the guy I was shooting at didn't take his hit, I want him banned.
    Yes, please go up to him and put a large x on his forehead with a marker so we can find him later.

  • Some guys are wearing Sturm smocks, they suck, they make me look bad!
    Please explain how what someone else is wearing makes you look bad? Did they beat you up and dress you in it?

  • I know you said no pyro becasue of the fire danger, but I brought an extra canteen, can I use my magnesium flare?
    Only if you go to Capitan first and bring back Smokey Bear to help you put out the fire. Alternatively if you have a fire bomber on station to put it out.

Important Disclaimer! If you believe everything that you read or hear, you may need some tinfoil in your helmet for this event.
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