March on Rome - Reenactor Code of Conduct
  • NO reenactor will be permitted to exhibit the ideals of the Nazi regime. No Period Politics.

    Despite historical correctness, at no time will any reenactor use the Nazi party salute, only military salutes are permitted. Flags, large pennants or vehicle recognition flags may not contain the swastika. Simulation flags using the Balkan cross are permitted. When speaking to the public, reenactors will refrain from engaging in conversations about Nazi politics.

  • Proper military courtesy will be observed at all times.

    Current members and veterans of any military and any war will be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy.

    All military courtesies will be afforded officers and NCOs, regardless of branch of service, both Axis and Allied.

    The senior NCO or Officer in a group is responsible for instruction and enforcement. Reenactors will conduct themselves with chivalry and, as such, afford appropriate courtesies to women, elders.

    As a prisoner of war, reenactors will continue to conduct themselves as such and afford enemy officers appropriate respect.

  • When in character at MoR all reenactors will dress and conduct themselves in period military fashion; or if partisan appropriately as an Italian citizen of the period.

  • When in a public display, matters of a non-period nature will be kept to a minimum.

    All non-period items will be kept out of public view.

    Food will be consumed from and with period apparel whenever possible.

    Haircuts will be of 1940's military style. Trimmed mustaches of period length are permitted for officers but discouraged. No other facial hair permitted except for partisans.

  • If you venture off post, or attend a function in town, you will attend in civilain clothes or in full uniform, not in partial uniform or 'wife beaters'.
  • Under no circumstances will the personal addresses, telephone numbers or e-mail addresses of any reenactor be given to anyone, except with the express permission of the reenactor.
  • Reenactors will not fire a weapon on or near unarmed combatants or civilians during tacticals, show battles or displays.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages will is permitted in moderation and not permitted at any time during public displays, tactical or any events that include the handling of firearms.
  • No sidearms (handguns) at formal dinner functions.
Rules of Personal Photography
  • Always ask all persons in the photo if they wish to be photographed.
  • Make sure your camera or phone is turned on, set the way you want it, and ready to shoot before you approach the reenactor. Fiddle with settings during your time, not theirs.
  • If you think someone looks silly, and your wish is to humiliate them. Shame on you and do not take that photo.
    If this is your goal, this is not your event. Ever.

Important Disclaimer! Reenacting is a potentially hazardous hobby. Participation requires crossing rough terrain,
in all types of weather, which requires good physical fitness and excludes people with health problems. Participants
will be using and in close proximity to, blank firing firearms, simulated explosives, and large vehicles that are potentially
dangerous. Unsafe or negligent behaviour will result your in ejection from the event.

This is a non-political web page dealing with the history, equipment, life and campaigns of World War II soldiers
and World War II reenacting. This website is contains historical information as well as reenacting and living history
information. This information includes reenactment photos, historical information covering operations, equipment and
photos of World War II. The information is catalogued and presented to preserve a clear eyed view of military history.
We do not tolerate or condone any form of racism, radical or extremist activities, or persons with supremacist, fascist
or racist political motives or beliefs. We do not tolerate, support, or condone any activities of any fascist, Nazi or
neo-Nazi party organizations, any extremist, anti-immigrant or anti-semetic organizations.

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